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Border Lord
Folk/Celtic Musicians
(Irish Harp, Cello, Banjo, Guitar, Bodhran)


Their name may sound medieval, but Border Lord's music is anything but antiquated – an enchanting blend of Celtic, folk, classical and Appalachian performed on Irish harp, guitar, banjo, cello and Irish drum (bodhran). “…Border Lord's music combines the harp (Rick Stanley) and cello (Robin Pfoutz) in unique and clever arrangements using counter-melodies and rhythms…” (Dirty Linen magazine, Feb/Mar 05).

Seen and heard on a TV musical highlight November 2003 on PBS' Living in Iowa, on many radio shows and at festivals and concerts throughout the U.S., this popular chamber-folk trio is led by singer/songwriter/harper and former Columbia Recording Artist Rick Stanley. This Boston native started performing in the coffeehouses of Boston and L.A. and was discovered by The Byrds' producer Terry Melcher, forming the folk-rock group “The Gentle Soul”. Rick has performed with other talented musicians, the likes of Ry Cooder, Paul Horn, Glen Campbell, Steven Stills, and many others. He has entertained audiences all over the world with his rich “Cat Stevens” voice and charming humor. His innovative rhythmic and complicated picking style on Irish harp stands in stark contrast to the simple chords often plucked by troubadour harpers.

“Rick is one of those rare musicians who were first in line when talent was being passed out…”

Eric Cathcart, The Kilt & Harp, Winter 2002


Cellist Robin Pfoutz and Claudine Stanley on bodhran complete this amazing trio. Robin Pfoutz began his twenty years of classical training with the faculty of St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges and later co-founded the acoustic rock band, Big Lost Rainbow, launching three national tours. The Oracle of Orleans, MA, noted that his cello “see-sawed like a violin at a hoe-down, purred a deep bass, or pranced pizzicato” as it swirled into a “quiet folk, a jivey jazz or a strident rock sound.” He has toured extensively and performed with many greats like Paul Horn, Livingston Taylor, and Pete Seeger among others.

Border Lord brings to the stage their spirited, contemporary interpretation of the best of traditional American and Celtic folk music, as well as deeply moving original songs written by Rick. For more information please contact Claudine at For more information on Rick's harp-building achievements, see


Border Lord was recently featured in a television special on Iowa Public Television.

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